Mama, I've got you!

As your pediatric sleep consultant, I am committed to providing holistic sleep support that goes beyond just achieving a good night's sleep for your little.

With a background enriched by 13 years in education, a former nanny and the firsthand experience of being a mom, I bring a blend of professional expertise and empathetic understanding to the table.

My approach is anchored in the belief that we ALL need rest but every child is different, every family is unique and there's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to sleep. I understand the importance of marrying sleep strategies with your parenting philosophy and intended goals in order to create an approach that feels right for your family.

What sets me apart from others?

Empathy. As a mom, I understand first hand the challenges that arise simply from having a baby. Your entire world is completely changed and no amount of reading or baby courses can prepare you for motherhood like having your own baby.

And after a traumatic birth, challenges with breastfeeding and lack of support, sleep deprivation elevated my stress to mild postpartum depression and was beginning to steal the joy out of parenting and enjoying my new baby.

But that doesn't have to be your story. Too many, like I was, are struggling but support doesn't have to end at birth.

This firsthand experience fuels my passion, allowing me to connect with and support others navigating similar journeys.

By choosing me, you're choosing a sleep consultant who not only possesses professional skills but also a profound understanding of the diverse and nuanced needs of the families I serve.

Sleep is not linear. So lets take the guess work out and lets make those sleepless nights a thing of the past with a simplified and goal driven strategy.

Raising littles is a bumpy ride filled with all its challenges. Sleep doesn't have to be one of them.

Two-Week Sleep Support Package: $450

Step 1:

Pre-Call Assessment & Discovery Call

Before your Discovery Call, you will complete a detailed Pre-Call Assessment. We'll then discuss your current situation and challenges as well as desired goals. If you wish to move forward, you will proceed to purchase a support package.

Step 2:

Custom Sleep Plan

Based on the information gathered from our call and the completed questionnaire, I then construct a personalized sleep plan of action tailored uniquely for your family in order to set the stage to reach your goals.

Step 3:

Custom Support

Then for the contracted weeks, we will work very closely to implement the plan, track progress and to make any necessary adjustments based on baby's progress, your feedback and evolving needs.

Types of Support Available

Newborn Sleep Support

0-3 months

(Sleep Shaping)

Infant & Toddler Sleep Support

4-24 months

Preschooler Sleep Support

2-5 years

Ask Me Anything Call*

1 hour - $100

*For families who have already received sleep training support and whose children are independent sleepers. This call is to help troubleshoot a new issue. If your child doesn't sleep independently, please book one of our support packages.

"Crystal is so very helpful and is amazing at explaining each thing. She was so easy to talk to and makes every step like a little celebration. Definitely would recommend 1000 times!!"

- Leila | Mom of Eveyln

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sleep training, and how can it benefit my child?

Sleep training is teaching your little(s) to fall asleep independently for all sleeps (naps & bedtime) as well as anytime they awake in the middle of the night. It's no secret that babies and toddlers need sleep to grow and uninterrupted sleep is the best, most optimal sleep for them to grow.

Is your approach to sleep consulting personalized for each family, or is it a one-size-fits-all solution?

Sleep is very nuanced and every child is different just like every family is unique. When working with me, you will receive a personalized sleep plan and course of action that addresses your family's current situation, personality and goals.

Can you help with specific sleep issues like night waking or difficulty falling asleep?

Yes. Part of the process is to discover what sleep challenges your child is facing and then coming up with a personalized plan to address them. Often those challenges are the results of underlying issues. We will work together to discern what the root of those issues are.

At what age should I consider seeking help from a pediatric sleep consultant?

I recommend reaching out if you're facing sleep difficulties with your child, regardless of age. From newborns to pre-schoolers, I can provide tailored strategies to address a wide range of sleep concerns.

Can I pay securely online?

Yes, I understand that investing in your child's sleep is an important decision, and I want to make it as accessible as possible. Payments can be made via credit or debit cards, Amazon Pay and Cash App Pay.

At it's core, sleep training can be such a life changing and transformative thing for you and your family. I firmly believe that when littles get the sleep they need, everyone gets the rest they need.

Take the first step today to make bedtime a calm and cherished experience for both you and your little one.

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