Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury!

When it comes to your baby's sleep, have you tried it all and nothing is working? Are you constantly being told: "Hang in there, it will get better eventually." But what if I told you, "eventually" can be now? I can help you achieve sleep for your littles and rest for all.

Because support shouldn't end at birth!

Are you dealing with an infant who just won't settle down for a nap or a good night's sleep? Do you find yourself in a nightly struggle with your toddler, wondering if there's anything you haven't already tried? Are you tired of the constant exhaustion, impacting not just your nights but your entire day?

What if I told you, there was a better way?

Imagine 2 weeks from now...

  • having a consistent and enjoyable bedtime routine
  • having strategies to handle night wakings
  • having strategies to reduce night feedings
  • having your child sleep in a safe environment
  • understanding age-appriate sleep expectations
  • having increased energy levels
  • experiencing a significant reduction in stress
  • feeling empowered to handle sleep-related challenges more effectively
  • having your child feel empowered with self-soothing skills
  • finally getting the rest you need (and deserve!)

Don't wish for "one day" or wait until "eventually"...

lets work together to make it happen now!

As your dedicated pediatric sleep consultant, I am committed to providing ongoing support through the whole process of helping your little to sleep so that you can get some rest!

1. Custom Support

I provide a customized plan of action for each child. This is important because it develops a solution that fits your child's specific needs and challenges.

2. Holistic Approach

I don't offer a one-size fits all solution. Every child is different and all aspects of your life are considered: like current routines, environment, and preferences to better understand and solve your child's sleep issues effectively.

3. Client Led

With a Client Led approach, I will meet you where you are in developing a plan that most aligns with your comfortability and parenting style.

Hi, nice to meet you!

My name is Crystal Sedore and as a sleep consultant and fellow mama, I know the struggle is real! The endless nights of soothing, the frustration when your baby just won't sleep and the foggy-headed exhaustion that results. It's tough.

The challenges of your baby not sleeping well go beyond just the exhaustion; it seeps into every aspect of your life and it sucks the joy out of life, parenting and from enjoying your baby.

Let me help you tackle these sleep challenges. Together, we will find a personalized solution for your little one, and bring back the rest that comes when our littles finally sleep.

"Crystal is absolutely amazing! I am a first time mom and when it came to sleep training I was absolutely lost. I needed guidance, support, and education on baby sleep and that is exactly what Crystal provided for us. She really helped me understand and gave me the confidence to complete sleep training. I use to have to rock my son to sleep for every nap and then hold him the entire time. Now, he falls asleep independently in his crib in his own room! It’s amazing! I can’t thank Crystal enough for her help and support through this."

- Dallas | Mommy to Bex

Motherhood is already a crazy roller coaster.

Don't let it also be sleepless. Lets get some rest!

On this call we will discuss your current sleep challenges, desired goals and potential steps moving forward. Are you ready?

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